Sunday, 9 September 2012

Xenos Mercs - Guard-Pack pt.1

Part of the pack, picking up the scent of their target.
The dog-soldiers of the Kraan Cluster are a mercenary formation operating on the frontier worlds of the Eastern Fringe. From time to time, Rogue Traders have been observed hiring Kraanite Hounds for the added protection a pack can provide on-world. Whilst in the greater Imperium, a citizen found to be conversing or living alongside xenos could expect a swift punishment, things are a little more lenient out of sight of the Ecclesiarchy or Arbites...

On the turbulent planet of Araskh, a Kraanite pack has operated as guards for various merchant interests over the past several years. Through use of translator tech built into their harnesses they are able to communicate with the various races that make up the shantytowns bordering the worlds major settlements.

These are from the old Cobalt-1 range, now sold here: Ar-Men from Black Hat Miniatures. They're lovely sculpts by Bob Naismith, with a real Rogue Trader feel. I left these stock - I couldn't think of anything I wanted to add to them. These will be joined by another three and a heavy hitter, as mercenaries in my wasteland setting.


  1. These figs look great, I need to track some down. Love the writeup too, good stuff all around.

  2. Been hanckering after these dog soldiers for ages too. As u say a rouge trader would find a use for them.

  3. Thanks guys :)

    Mik - I'm trying to put the background together for my gaming setting, these blogposts really help in nailing it down!