Tuesday, 11 September 2012

Xenos Mercs - The Arjuk

Erkon wields a massive axe that most of the Kraanites would struggle to lift.
The Arjuk home-system lies to the galactic north of the Kraan Cluster and relations between the neighbouring sentient races have long been convivial - the Kraanites and Arjuks have made war alongside each other for several thousand years. Fortunes have waxed and waned over the past hundred years and both species have found the need to provide mercenary services to a number of different clients.
He backs up the axe with a shotcannon and short-sword.
The bulk of Erkon is typical of his race - he adds a good amount of muscle to the Guard-Pack. Arjuks are useful for dealing with the heavier troops that the Packs sometimes come up against - particularly some of the larger fauna roaming the wastes and jungles surrounding Groundfall. 

This big guy is from a double pack in the old Cobalt-1 range, now sold here: Erkon & Manchos from Black Hat Miniatures. I decided to keep to the name given to him in the old range (at least...I guess that's him, not the small guy?). I only just realised how much he looks like a Hordes Trollblood of some sort... I gave him the axe-head, sheathed shotgun and sword from a 40k Ork.


  1. Nice work on him, I like the conversion too

  2. Your work on these is making me seriously consider getting some of these minis.

  3. I'm in the same boat, nothing like solid sculpts from way back when to inspire. You're right too, this guy looks just like a Trollblood, pretty much.

  4. Some of Bob Naimsith's best work!