Friday, 14 September 2012

The Boss hog...

"Lord Carver arose from the squalid hordes of the farrow on a tide of determination and violence, leaving behind him a trail of enemies and rivals crushed beneath his sharpened hooves. Carrying powerful weapons wrested from his enemies, the farrow warlord leads his snorting, bloodthirsty army on a campaign to trod all who would oppose them into the muck."
This gentleman is from the Hordes range - a Warcaster for the Thornfall Alliance - an army of warthog/boar-men! I loved this figure when I first saw it and bought it as soon as possible. I have no plans to play Hordes, but really wanted the chance to paint up this brilliant sculpt! He may see some use in Songs of Blades and Heroes.


  1. This guy looks awesome, bad-ass of the bacon variety.

  2. Hordes and Warmachine have the only models I can think of that when I see them I think, "Ooh, that would be good for this...or that!" Without concern to the actual system they were designed for. This one is no exception, it's a great model and fits in great as a feral alien or mutant or post-apoc hero or what-have-you. Nice paint by the way, quite humbling.