Sunday, 16 September 2012

Rise of the Mummy

The door of the chamber slammed shut, a cloud of dust rolling from the impact - the two explorers looked at each other, fear in their eyes... They scanned the chamber for an exit, scarab beetles flooding into the room from ankh-shaped portals in the walls, scorpions of various sizes rising from what looked to be drainage areas in the stone floor - an exit had opened at the other end of the chamber. The explorers began to sprint for it down the length of the room, only to skid to a halt when they saw the shambolic figure rising out of an ornate sarcophagus. One explorer drew a pistol and fired, hitting the creature square in the chest - with a shrug it rose further and began to shamble inexorably forwards...
Shown in a work-in-progress state earlier on the blog, this figure is from the Horrorclix range - I picked up a load of miniatures from the range from a member of Post-Apoc Wargames. Most were for my zombie setting - the mummy was just one I thought looked cool! I kept the basing neutral in order for him to fit nicely against Hellboy and the BPRD, WWWII troopers or even in a fantasy skirmish game.


  1. He looks pretty cool! Nice pose on him as he shambles along...

  2. Really cool mummy! Where have you bought that, if I may ask? I'm looking for two mummies for my Blood Bowl Undeads team, and I can't really find any good looking.