Thursday, 17 May 2012

Painting In Progress

I'm on the third day of my 3-days-off - I managed to get a little bit of basecoating done (as well as watching The Avengers with amazing nachos yesterday!) - these are 6 Ar-Men and an Aruk (from the Cobalt-5 from Black Hat Miniatures), a pair of cowboys (more an in-game objective for the post-apoc stuff) and the mummy. I touched up the sprayed basecoat (the not-Khemri Brown from Humbrol) and blocked out the weapons/armour plates/kit. I love the Cobalt-5 figures - sculpted a few years ago by Bob Naismith, they have a massively Rogue Trader/early 40k feel. I'll be using them as hired mercenaries in the post-apoc sci-fi setting.
I also assembled this Thrullg from Hordes - I'll be using it as a random event or beast hunt in the post-apoc. It could also be handy as a beast for post-apoc or fantasy gladiators to take on, or as a Clawed Fiend in my Dark Eldar. Loved the figure - the bony spine in particular! I've been considering purchasing Red Sand, Black Moon from THW - this would make for a vicious challenge!


  1. Looking good, and that Thrullg would make for a great number of things. Your post-apoc is really shaping up, looking forward to more.

  2. Cheers Mik :) I'm getting closer and closer to actually having a game!