Saturday, 12 May 2012

What I did on my "weekend"...

I recently started a new shift pattern at work - 3 days on, 3 days off, 12 hour shifts. I actually love it! I previously worked 5 days a week with split days off, meaning I didn't really have time to see my family and friends whilst also having a bit of painting time. The new shift pattern works great! Here's what I managed to finish off over my "weekend": 
I finished off the Scabbs figure I showed the other day, as well as 3 bomber zombies for my WWWII setting, a halfling thief for Mordheim, a zombie-huntin, blood-splattered granny with a shotgun and a not-Serenity from Ground Zero Games. I also got some painting done on a pulp investigator from Reaper an a cowboy supporting his gutshot mate.
I spent yesterday finishing basing up this horde of miniatures - I fancied something new to paint and I'd almost run out of figures that were undercoated and ready to go. I wanted something a bit sci-fi/Rogue Trader to go with the wasteland/spaceport/shantytown terrain I've been working on. I pulled this horde of stuff out of a bunch of boxes - there's various aliens (Black Cat Bases, GZG, Star Wars pre-paints) and some random pulp/horror stuff from Horrorclix. I needed to base up some of them (with some pinning) and add sand/gravel to the rest of them. I then spray-undercoated a bunch of these with the not-Khemri Brown Humbrol spray. They're now good to go!

Back to the terrain shortly!


  1. Oooh....Looking pretty good.

    And thanks for the headsup on the NOTSERENITY. Have to get hold of that!

  2. nicely painted minis, congrats of the new work schedule.

  3. Cheers guys!

    LS - They have loads of lovely spaceships - I also picked up a nice salvage ship and a cruiser.