Thursday, 24 May 2012

The Justice Department

The Justice Department - Judge Dredd, 2 more Judges, a Tek, a Med and an eager Cadet Judge! My gaming partner loves 2000AD as much as me, looking forward to getting these on the board! I saw the Judge Dredd game mentioned on another blog on Sunday night, ordered a few miniatures on Monday morning, they arrived Tuesday! Brilliant service from Mongoose Publishing.
I bought a blister of the older figures from Arcane Miniatures in the clearance section a couple of years ago (with a Med, Tek and Psi-Judge) but they were a bit dodgy - slight miscasts if I'm honest. I decided to junk the Psi-Judge (she had no chin and missing fingers), the Tek wasn't bad but the Med above needed his feet snipping and resculpting, as I've done above. Brown stuff for the win!

The Cadet is probably my favourite out of all of them - so eager!


  1. Man oh man these look cool.

  2. Look forward to seeing these with a lick of paint

  3. Cheers guys! Undercoated them last night, started the undersuits this evening!