Sunday, 4 September 2011

Terrain Recap: The Playground

I recently rediscovered this piece of terrain whilst going through my collection - inspired by the ghost town of Minefield in Fallout 3, I decided to create a post-apocalyptic playground with a bit of a bleak twist - landmines! 
The equipment was all built from cheap materials I found in my box o' terrain junk - the fence is made from wooden coffee stirrers collected from Costa and Starbucks, the see-saw is built from offcuts of plasticard, the swings frame is bamboo kebab skewers and the roundabout is the lid from a pot of waxworms (purchased to feed my pet turtles). Paperclips and cheap chain added the details...
Finally, I added sand, clean kitty litter and the final finishing touch - land mines! They were made using some spare 1:48 tank wheels with circles of plasticard added to the top. 

The piece was originally built for my Wasteland setting, but should work well in Necromunda-style shenanigans, 40k or zomb-apoc. 


  1. That is a lovely piece if terrain has a really depressing feel to see a child's playground looking in disrepair with the land mines adding a sinister feel to it.

  2. Looks great. I need to raid mcdonalds then

  3. Very, very, dark. Love it. You have a great imagination.

  4. Cheers guys! Mostly Fallout3 inspired, but still one of my favourite pieces of terrain I've built!