Monday, 5 September 2011

Terrain Crusade - pt.3

Over the past week I've made a good amount of progress with the next of the ruined buildings. This was another rather large build - slightly taller but thinner than the previous building. 
I've now begun to run out of foamboard - the first two have taken up just over two 15" by 12" sheets. I happen to have another half a dozen sheets stockpiled at my parents house, but need to find the time to be able to go back and pick them up. I have another half a sheet and various offcuts to begin building another smaller ruin and a number of sections of lower walls or rubble - so, plenty to be working on, as usual!


  1. Looking good! will some very Post Apocalyptic when done

  2. I also love making terrain, although i still have to add the posts to my blog but your stuff looks good!!

    Will add you to my blog exchange and vice verse if you like?

  3. Thanks gentlemen :)

    Vitor - not sure what a blog exchange is mate.. Care to email me - chris.hird AT - about it?