Sunday, 11 September 2011


Finally got around to finishing these two not-Hunters on Friday evening - they've been about 80% painted for months now, just sitting there annoying me...

It's so good to actually get a project that has been sat around for ages complete! It allows me to move onto other things that need completing - like some survivors to battle these guys!


  1. Very nice I can't decide whether they look stealthy or they are about to leap into action.

    Very creepy looking though nice work!

  2. Thanks Brummie! Have you played the game at all? They're very much like that...

    They sneak around on rooftops and the like, then pounce when they have the best opportunity to pin you down for the horde of normal zombies to get you!

  3. I think i played a demo on the pc before it came out but my PC is a little old and it wouldn't run it at a rate I was happy with :o(

  4. Very nice "not-hunters" you've got, should keep my shotgun at hand... ;)