Monday, 8 August 2011

Return to Mordheim

Finally managed to finish off this lovely classic miniature over the weekend - he's a rather old Games Workshop Chaos Warrior wearing a beastman skin. I love the armour and hammer!
I've had about three different shields on this gentleman before settling on an Orc plastic shield with one of the plastic building detailing parts from the original Mordheim box. I've always loved them and yet never really found a place to use any of them. I decided that it added a lovely slice of weird to an already quite strange miniature! 

Another of my projects from over the weekend - assembling Lord Carver, BMMD, Esq. from the Hordes Thornfall Alliance - I can't decide between Thornfall Alliance (a force of boar-men - think beastmen but from wild boars...) and the Blindwater Congregation (crocodile/alligator-men with a US Deep South/swampdwelling yokel-theme, plus frogs and giant turtles - being a massive fan of reptiles and amphibians, I really like these guys...). Thoughts? This was one of the many miniatures I decided was a must-have when I first saw it - there's just so many different things to love, utter badass!
This chunky little fellow is a Mordheim Halfling Thief - a miniature I've liked for quite a while, yet never got around to picking up. I finally found him unpainted and cheap on eBay - £2.49, amongst a bunch of other auctions I couldn't refuse. So I got him, a great retro Chaos Sorcerer and 80% of a Chaos Knights plastic regiment for under £10. Fairly good!


  1. Mordheim is awesome, looking forward to seeing more.

    Can you please change whatever is making the text grey on a white background?

  2. Sorry about that! Not exactly sure what happened there! Cheers :)

  3. Cool, the use of the leaves on the shield is outstanding, really nice piece of detail :)

  4. Nice Chaos Warrior, I have that one in my collection to, good job.