Thursday, 4 August 2011

Chaos Warriors of Tzeentch - first four painted!

I finally managed to slap some paint on the first of the Chaos Warriors of Tzeentch last weekend, finishing a couple of bits and pieces on them over the last few evenings - as always, click the images for bigger pictures:

Very happy with the way these have turned out - I have a rather free weekend so I should be able to paint another third of the starting unit. I've also picked up a few more lovely cheap eBay buys to expand these guys and I also have some donations from a friend that should be arriving in the post soon...

Comments would be most welcome!


  1. real nice mate, good work, love the dark colour pallet.

  2. these are very nice, well done.

  3. Cheers guys! Happy with the way these have turned out - I didn't manage to get as much done this weekend, just a couple of things basecoated and one oldschool Chaos Warrior painted for Mordheim :)