Tuesday, 16 August 2011

Return to Mordheim - Dwarf Pirate Slayer

Meet Snorrison, the Slayer Pirate! Formerly of Long Drong's Slayer Pirates, Snorrison decided to return to land full-time and seek his fame...

This gentleman is one of the Storm of Chaos Dwarf Slayer army "Doomseekers" - he'd normally be swinging round two axes attached to his hands by chains, but I picked him up as part of an eBay lot minus a couple of pieces. My friend Si helped me out by sculpting the parrot and the hand clutching the pistol - the inspiration came from a lovely piece of concept art from the Warhammer MMORPRG. Next up is the halfling thief and the beginning of an Undead warband...


  1. He looks great, Love the idea as well. I never really liked the GW Mordhiem mini they seems awkwardly posed.

    Great Work love the pose and the parrot

  2. Great work--he would totally kill me and take my warp stone! Or perhaps I'd offer to act as his valet and he'd spare me? Can't wait to see the rest of his gang!


  3. This guy looks great! I never liked the chain-swinging axe slayers, but the conversion here is fantastic. The parrot is that 'next level' addition, good stuff, kudos.

  4. That is a sweet mini. I concur with Mik the parrot really takes it to the next level. Great work.

  5. Thanks guys! Scott - this guy is a hired sword (or hired pistol?) but I'm now considering using the leftover dwarfs from selling my army of them...