Wednesday, 27 July 2011

Storm of Magic: Wyvern and Fimir Balefiend

Reading through Storm of Magic recently made me dig out a few random bits and pieces...
Classic Wyvern from the Orc special character Azhag the Slaughterer - I've had this a few years now - I originally purchased from a schoolfriend who had grown bored of the hobby. I thought it'd make a good end boss for a Mordheim campaign I was playing at the time. This is his second paintjob which I was rather happy with when I returned to the hobby, but he's become damaged whilst in storage between the various places I've lived over the years. He's been rebased, wings glued/pinned/greenstuffed back on and he'll get a new paintscheme!
Now, this gentleman is going to take a good bit more work - I have no idea what he actually is, but I'd assume an oldschool Troll of some sort? He arrived in a lovely random fantasy figure lot I picked up cheap on eBay - I based him up with the intention of having him as some kind of lesser Troll gamewise, perhaps in some sort of fantasy RPG. He hasn't got past that stage, and I've now decided to turn him into a Fimir Balefiend! The Fimir are a race recently re-introduced to the Warhammer Fantasy universe to the cheers of many older fans (or folks like myself, who love the more esoteric parts of the Fantasy 'verse). I'm going to attempt to resculpt his head, give him various trophys and fetishes and give him a tail of some sort. 
I also very much want to pick up another Fenbeast, as well as both the Truthsayer and the Dark Emissary... 


  1. Nice Paintjob on the Wyvern. I'm looking forward to see how you do the Fimir.

  2. Ah, the paintjob is the previous one - he's now been sprayed for repainting! I decided to go for something a bit brighter... That's the plan at least!