Sunday, 24 July 2011

Chaos Warriors of Tzeentch

I recently had a big tidy out of my lead mountain - with the start for my new job finally confirmed I decided to go through my various storage boxes around my flat, sort through my miscellaneous bits boxes and organise my next few projects in an attempt to stop needing to dig through numerous boxes to find particular miniatures!

Whilst doing this sorting I decided to keep all of the fantasy Chaos miniatures I'd stockpiled over the years to one side, to start putting together a force to learn how to play the game with. This was further influenced by the recent release of Storm of Magic, which left me yearning to build and paint the fantasy force I'd had planned for years...

Here's the start of my Warriors of Chaos army - 12 Chaos Warriors with the Mark of Tzeentch and a full command section. As always, click the photos for bigger pictures!
This is the standard bearer, Champion and musician. The Champ was one of those conversions that flowed together rather perfectly - blindfolded head from the old mutation sprue and a sword and shield from the plastic Chaos Knights. The sword is a bit different to the ones the rest of the unit use and the shield works perfectly with the blindfolded head!
Detail of the sword and head.

The rest of the Warrior unit - I've converted a number of weapons to make them look a bit more varied (including transplanting weapons from left hands onto right), removed any horns on their helmets and added them to the pelts at the top of their cloaks and added pieces of parchment nailed to their shields.

This unit seems to have taken quite a long time to get to this stage - once I go back over them all for missed moldlines and the like, plus add sand to bases where needed, I'll get them undercoated and ready for painting!

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