Monday, 4 July 2011

Imperial Guard - Platoon Command Squad

This is my Platoon Command Squad for my new Imperial Guard force - possibly the most fun I've had putting a squad together in years!
 From left to right: flamer, standard bearer, platoon leader, the man with no name, heavy flamer.
This is the platoon commander - possibly the most basic miniature in the squad actually! I modified the legs to be striding forward purposefully, gave him a modified Cadian torso, changed the pose on the sword arm slightly and he has a great head from the plastic Warhammer flagellant sprues.
He received his pistol from the Void plastic sprues mentioned in my previous post. He'll be getting some equipment packs and grenades around his waist. 
This is my rather basic standard bearer - included in the list because of the sort of union/miner theme and also as an excuse to use this lovely Catachan part! He got some modified legs and an arm from the most recent beastmen plastics - a great source of alternate arms once the hair is trimmed away!
This gentleman is actually my favourite from the squad, but he is supposed to be the most expendable!
In the list he's just an extra member of the squad armed with a laspistol and close-combat weapon, but the conversion took on a bit of a life of it's own after I visited a local museum and had a look at some trench axes...
He's made from an unmodified Catachan torso and legs, a Chaos Marauder arm with Empire/Mordheim axe and hand, Catachan arm and Forgeworld laspistol and various pouches and grenades. There's a certain amount of menace in the posing which I'm really very happy with!
This gentleman is the squad's heavy flamer trooper - I have a strong dislike for the half-arsed attempt at a heavy flamer on the Cadian and Catachan command squad sprues, so decided to make my own. The shine from the polycement in the images make it quite difficult to see, but it's based on a similar conversion I saw over on Warseer.

The heavy flamer is made using an extra flamer to bulk it up underneath, moving the igniter nozzles and adding some cable detailing. I've left the backpack unattached for painting purposes - it's tacked in the photos. 
Last but not least, a standard flamer trooper for the squad - modelled to be fitting a replacement fuel container into his weapon.

As mentioned, this was a very nice squad to model, with some interesting conversions to put together. I sorted through my bits box and now have a big pile of equipment and pouches to add to the miniatures already assembled, to show that they're tooled up for a slightly extended conflict...

Once that's done, plus the minor filling needed here and there, my first 400pts are fully assembled and ready for undercoat! I'm very much looking forward to starting to paint this force!

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