Sunday, 3 July 2011

Imperial Guard - Infantry Squad #2

Finished the basic assembly and basing on the second infantry squad of the platoon for my new Guard force.
As you can see, there is a Sergeant, a flamer trooper, a Heavy Stubber team and a mix of lasguns and autoguns for the remaining six troopers.
In this picture you can see the Sergeant, with a pistol from the plastic Void troopers (I love the long magazine) and a chainsword from a Necromundan Van Saar leader - the rest of the leader can be found mangled on one of the Sentinel bases - waste-not, want-not! There's also a converted flametrooper (I much prefer the Cadian flamer, so this is a conversion that is halfway between the two) and a trooper with an autogun, inspired by a piece of Games Workshop art depicting some Imperial Guard attacking Orks in a jungle setting.
Detail on the chainsword - I thought it fit rather nicely! Note the modified legs. 

Once I finish the platoon command squad, the first 400 points for the force will be complete! I have some filling to do here and there but this squad is almost ready to undercoat!

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