Wednesday, 6 July 2011

Black Crusade

Built this miniature a few days ago thanks to some inspiration from the previews for Black Crusade - the new RPG from Fantasy Flight Games. One of the previews was for the Forsaken - basically a lone Chaos Space Marine renegade. To begin with the character starts with a shotgun, which I've rarely seen modelled on a Space Marine in power armour - I thought it'd be a nice quick project! I already had the perfect base miniature, which even had the arms attached - he was going to be a void-suited ship's armsman, but with some shoulder pads, a backpack and a headswap he's pretty much there! He'll be getting a patchwork paintjob to show that his allegiances change rather swiftly, with paint flaking off to reveal his previous employers...


  1. I like the idea of the chipped paint showing some history.

  2. Power armored marines with shotguns look cool, plain and simple. The paint-job sounds intriguing, looking forward to more.