Sunday, 10 July 2011

Epic Lost and the Damned Force

I recently picked up a box of Epic 40k miniatures from my parents house - another side project that I've had on the go for a while. I orginally picked up a couple of different eBay auctions just over a year ago to start a Lost and the Damned force, inspired by various blogs and plogs.

I built a couple of  test bases and I was rather happy with them, but the rest got sidelined - until this week...

Centre in the above picture is my Arch-Heretic and his retinue. The rest of the bases are bog standard beastmen/mutants. I've changed various shields here and there and modified weapons. The retinue is based on a two pence piece and the rest are on one pence pieces, to give an idea of size for those who haven't seen Epic figures before...
More bases of mutants.
Big mutants - these are minotaurs and trolls. I've swapped weapons around here quite a bit, or given them new ones from little pieces of scrap plasticard. I've also added the odd normal mutant to their bases here and there, to add to the horde feel.
The Arch-Heretic's transport, plus a couple of non-STC pattern transports originating from the beastmen's homeworld.
Non-STC standard Leman Russ equivalents.
Non-STC Leman Russ Demolisher equivalents - these are all plastic Ork battlewagons, with modified turrets and dozer blades added from various Imperial vehicles.
Hellhounds - these are brilliantly oldschool, I love the clunkiness! These are from an earlier version of Epic.
Not entirely sure what these would be used as - probably more non-STC standard Leman Russ equivalents.
Picked this up for pennies on eBay - an Ork Squiggoth. I'm going to use it in the force, I'm just not sure what as yet...


  1. This looks like the start of a fantastic army. Are you going to be using the regular Epic rules?

  2. this is looking really cool. having converted individual terminators for my travel space hulk i know the pain of converting in 6mm. you've done some really nice work here.

  3. Nice stuff, I look forward to seeing them painted!

    It's quite funny, by coincidence I found some Chaos stuff still on the sprues that I was thinking of basing up and then you went and posted an Epic update. :p

  4. Picking stuff up for pennies is awesome. Not played Epic but always wondered.

  5. Mik - Not sure about playing actually! Just thought they'd be a cool little diversion. Pardon the pun.

    Tristan - Travel Space Hulk = Brilliant idea!

    Dan - I think you were in part the inspiration for me picking these up in the first place!

    Ad - Same here actually :) Thought they'd be a nice force to model up at least! I prefer my games 28mm if I'm honest, and warband-scale, so these are quite a change!