Monday, 27 June 2011

Zombies Ahead: To Be Continued!

Here's my recently painted zombie horde - add these to the box of Wargames Factory zombies I painted last year and it's starting to get to a decent size!

Continuing the project I have this lovely bunch of survivors to work on - two are almost done, with the rest on their way. These will be the player characters as well as a couple of other figures I have already painted and a couple that are yet to be bought.
Two Hunters - a type of infected from Left 4 Dead that reacted differently to the virus, mutating to be able to jump and attack their victims. I'll be adding more special infected once these are all painted.

I also have a selection of humanoid Horrorclix figures that I'll be modifying with Mantic plastic zombie heads and various different hands. They should round off the horde rather nicely!