Monday, 27 June 2011

CL4P-TP General Purpose Robot

I managed to finish off Claptrap - both the working and damaged varieties, for my post-apocalyptic/Necromunda setting.
Claptrap is a robot featured in the computer game Borderlands - a great game if you enjoy rather fun co-op post-apocalyptic dungeon crawls. Great scenics, plenty of inspiration for the sci-fi post-apoc genre - it's a game with a lot of replayability, especially with so many add-ons available. I got the Game of the Year edition from my sister for my birthday and have yet to have a go at the downloadable content, but it's certainly on my to-do list!
When I saw the not-Claptrap from Black Cat Bases I knew I finally had to give in and make an order. I ordered two and assembled them rather quickly - one as a functioning friendly Claptrap, the other as a damaged objective marker. In the game there are Claptraps in most sections, with a mission to fix up the broken robot being fairly common. I thought it'd make a nice objective for my post-apoc adventurers!
I have plans to buy another of the not-Claptraps from Black Cat Bases and turn him into this rather spiky "evil" version. That's something for the next order from BCB...


  1. Borderlands is one of my favourite games, great fun. As you say alot of replay-ability as there's so much to it.

    People use to complain about Claptrap but I liked him.

    Excellent models man.

  2. Super cool Chris, as you and Warflake have said, it's a great game and these would make a great objective marker for sure.

    I'm sure you could fabricate some great kinda rescue/escort missions featuring him.

  3. Thanks guys! Should fit in nicely in the setting I want to game in!

  4. I've only played Borderlands the one time, but it was great. This figure is awesome, lookin' good chief!