Sunday, 26 June 2011

Draxii Kill-Group

Introducing the Draxii Kill-Group Tarbosaur - a squad of vicious mercenaries renowned for their ruthlessness and endurance in combat scenarios. Hunting in packs, the Draxii are available to the highest bidder and are often employed in the Eastern Fringe by those seeking to strengthen their offensive capabilities. 
Armed with pulse repeaters of xenos origin as well as a flamethower, the pictured Kill-Group are equipped for anti-infantry assaults, using the flame weapon to flush their enemies out of cover and the pulse repeaters to put them down.

Draxii armed with pulse repeater - note combat harness and warknife, standard equipment for every warrior.
Draxii armed with flamethrower with fuel reserve.

Draxii armed with pulse repeater - note fragmentation grenades of Draxii manufacture, as well as additional ammo for backup pistol.

These miniatures are from Khurasan Miniatures, who recently announced a temporary suspension. Very much a shame, as they have some fantastic miniatures, particularly the 15mm ranges - here's hoping they're back open properly come Fall '11 as mentioned on the site.


  1. Glad to see these 28mm guys painted up, I've eyed them for some time. Good job as usual...

  2. They're nice chunky figs, heads and arms are brilliant, as are the grenades. The scales on them are rather basic though, no real natural pattern to them!