Sunday, 26 June 2011

Zombies Ahead: Part Two

I've managed to finish the next batch of zombies, bringing me up to 41 completed zeds - I have a few different Horrorclix left to convert into more generic zombies, as well as a group of survivors and a couple of hunters.
In the picture above there are two Studio Miniatures zombies, a Heroquest plastic zombie (again, as filler) and a Horrorclix zombie ventriloquist.
Here we have a Horrorclix zombie builder, french maid and another zombie cop as well as the final two Studio Miniatures zombies!


  1. Ventriloquist zombie is excellent haha.

  2. 41 zeds is a pretty impressive number, plus these look great to boot, well done!

  3. Sweet. I like the french maid ;)