Thursday, 12 May 2011

Starport Terrain - Vehicles 3 - Air Security

This is a project I've had in my head for ages - I bought both of the main components around about late spring/early summer last year, so it's taken approximately a year for fruition!
Presenting a rather work in progress Air Defence Technical! Bear in mind that it needs a whole lot of model filler, green stuff welds and rivets, but this is it pretty much there - a hideous hybrid of a Tamiya WWII German Flakvierling and a toy truck - both picked up second-hand, from a market and car boot sale respectively!
In this picture you can see the makeshift ladders fixed to the side - the idea being that for security reasons, you have to climb up those to actually get in to drive the damn thing. Not that it gets moved much - in the Starport it is rather stationary, providing an incentive for ships and lifters using the port's many services not to renege upon their docking tithes. Or to provide the first line of defence against any marauding pirates or space-savages!
This shot shows the workings of the AA guns - really nice kit! I managed to get it for around about £2 at a flea market that my parents sell antique furniture at. The truck itself was a toy, with a trailer occupying the spot that the flak cannon now finds itself. I plan on turning the trailer into a food stall of some kind - spacers have to eat!
The cannon is currently separate as I sort out various details, I may keep it this way for painting. The only issue with using scale kits in wargames pieces is it's relative flimsiness. I wanted the piece to look like it'd been used for years, albeit rarely - more of a deterrent than a constantly-used weapon of war. 

Any suggestions would certainly be welcomed!


  1. You could always keep the gun-mount pallet seperate and design other pieces to go onto the back of the truck (personnel, cargo, fuel) that can then be switched out.


  2. Ooh, I like the modular idea. It looks killer, keep it up!

  3. Wow, you have the knack of picking up the most awesome finds. I love it!

  4. very nice conversion there sir, I agree with Eli Arndt have the rear section as removable :)

  5. mmm I commented this a few days back but it seems to have deleted the comment strange.

    Great conversion sir, I would keep the AA gun removable then you can swap it out for other wepons or cargo etc :)

  6. Thanks mate :) Did you not hear about Blogger going tits up? It was really messed up for a couple of days and I have lost a bunch of comments. Shame really!