Monday, 16 May 2011

Starport - Local Garrison

Just a quick post before I head off to bed - I've been working on a few bits and pieces over the past couple of days. These are the local garrison for my spaceport - a planetary defence force recruited from the planet itself as well as neighbouring worlds. 
From left to right we have: sniper in half ghillie suit,  NCO with pistol and reconditioned non-human power glove, officer wielding powerful pistol and bags of attitude, trooper with servo-arm assisted smartgun/heavy stubber.
L to R again: trooper with lasrifle with attached torch, NCO with machine pistol, comms trooper with hardround rifle, trooper with lasrifle and attached torch.

All of the above are sculpted by Mark Copplestone and are available from em4 miniatures. Some lovely sculpts - the pictures suck. But it's late, there's zero natural light and it's the best I'm going to get for now! When I expand them (I want another smartgunner and a bunch more standard troopers) I'll be sure to get better pictures. These are basically my not-NCR (New California Republic, from Fallout: New Vegas), to be used as Colonial Marine-types in my Predator Versus setting.
On the subject of expanding these guys, I did buy these a couple of years ago in a 50p eBay auction, recently rediscovered them whilst looking for parts for the security AA truck. I've decided to attach them to these guys, reminiscent of the troopers wearing power armour in New Vegas. I also have a Halo Warthog buggy that I'm going to paint up and attach to the force.

My thinking with these troopers is that they're basically not very well liked by the inhabitants of the starport - just as likely to tax them as to protect them from local bandits. The AA truck for example, is actually owned and maintained by the people that live directly in the starport, where you can find various militias who claim to be the one true force protecting the town. Think stormtroopers in Star Wars, or the Colonial troopers in Firefly.

Any suggestions for other additions I could make to these guys? I have a sci-fi tank that I could refit for these, just a plastic toy but could turn out quite nicely. Another note - I didn't lose any posts with the recent issues with blogger, but I did manage to lose a bunch of comments - so feel free to post again on the earlier blogposts!


  1. This are great, this project is really coimng on well.

  2. looking good dude, as for additions to them how about a walker of some kind maybe like a heavy lifter one modified to have guns on it?

    Could fit in well with the modified AA truck

  3. Cheers lads!

    Si - modified equipment (like a power loader with guns strapped on) would be more suited to the dockworkers and the various militias than the garrison, as the garrison is supposed to have government funding whereas the plebs just have to make do :) Nice idea though! I hadn't thought of a Aliens-esque power loader type thing yet, not sure why to be honest! I may try and build a couple of Sentinel power lifters!