Tuesday, 10 May 2011

Starport Terrain - Vehicles 2 - Skeeta

Introducing the Ramshackle Games Skeeta! 
Picked this up a good few months ago, cleaned it up, undercoated and basecoated it, game it a rust wash and then...left it...
The Skeeta was purchased as a tester of the quality of the Ramshackle Games vehicles - at £5 it was rather cheap, but the quality of the cast isn't great - lots of little bits that needed tidying up and filling, with no detail at all on the bottom of the cast. Which isn't such a big deal to me personally, as no-one will be seeing the bottom of it, plus it's covered in mud and rust. The Skeeta was very easy to assemble, coming in five parts - the main body/chassis/cab and the wheels. 
Here is a scale shot alongside the forklifts posted yesterday - small but still can fit two based 28mm miniatures in the back. Now I'm wondering whether I should get the pickup truck from Ramshackle as well...


  1. nice painting! I think those forklifts scale just fine. They just look "heavy duty" to me.

  2. Cheers! Yeah, they do scale pretty well! Rather cheap and decently detailed too.

  3. Simply badass spaceport terrain. I have dreams about doing something similar in 15mm.


  4. Nice! Would you be willing to do me a favor? Could you take a picture of that Skeeta next to a 15mm figure? It looks like it might work just fine as a larger 15mm vehicle, but I'd love to see a comparison shot...

  5. Eli - You should! I'm aiming for a lot of the stuff I build for it to be multi-genre, so it's rather adaptable!

    CC - I don't actually have any 15mm miniatures at the moment I'm afraid! I could take a picture with another 28mm miniature that you might be more familiar with? :)

  6. Thanks for the offer, but I'm good, I think. Looks to me like this vehicle would scale pretty well for 15mm.

    Meanwhile...what do you use for your rust wash please? I've got a BUNCH of terrain that needs to get all rusty, and this looks like it works very nicely. Thanks!