Monday, 16 May 2011

Spoils of Wargaming: New Stuff

I recently bought a few bits and pieces online, thought I'd share them with the blogging community...
These are SAS Operators from Empress miniatures. Lovely sculpts, very well priced at £6.50 for the pack, I'm very much impressed! I bought them to use as Security Contractors in my zombie game - hired by the government in order to restore some stability in the post-zomb-apoc world, these guys were given pretty much a free reign to begin with. They'll be adversaries for my survivors in the latter stages of a campaign.
Ramshackle Games bikes - had my eye on these for a little while, decided to order a few to turn into Imperial Guard outriders. I wanted to make these for a couple of reasons - I thought they'd look very cool, I've always liked them when they've been mentioned in various Black Library books (the Tanith series and bike-riding Inquisition agents in the Ravenor series) and they were also rather cheap at £2.50 each. These come without bases and took a lot of cleaning up - the whole space between the integral scenic rocky base and the bikes themselves was filled with resin, so I had to use clippers, knives and files to get them to this stage. There's still a good chunk of work left to do, with lots of holes to fill, parts to resculpt and more filing. On the plus side, I ordered three and received four, so that was pretty cool. The top bike in the picture is miscast - the front of the mudguard and part of the bike is missing, but I should be able to sort that out...
Maxmini Shoulder Pads - I've had another order with this Polish company on hold for a while now, but decided to order it a couple of weeks ago when it looked like I'd be getting a new job rather sharpish. Unfortunately, the job still hasn't come through, but now I have some cool bits to occupy myself with! These are planned for a couple of Terminator armoured characters or possibly to be used to refit my assault Terminators. I'll have to see which seems the cooler option when I get around to it! They're obviously done in a pre-Heresy, rather archaic style and are very cool - the casting is spot on, these are highly recommended!
Another part of the order from Maxmini - their not-SAW machine guns. Sadly, these are more of an Ork scale than the rest of the weapons available on their site that are based on real life current day armaments. I'm not sure what I can really do with these now, possibly mounted on some kind of terrain piece, as they're too big for the plans that I had.
Now these are much more like it - another Maxmini purchase, in this case their not-AK47s. I received 10 of these and the sculpts and casting are both great. One of these has already snuck onto the AA truck featured a  couple of posts ago.
Now this big bugger is another addition to my terrain to-do list. It'll be repainted and I'll be working on some other accompanying pieces - this will show that the starport is having somewhat of a resurgence, with new buildings being built as it expands. It'd also fit into my post-zomb-apoc games too! I bought this at Wilkinsons in the UK, where it was reduced by a couple of quid to £2.97! Absolute bargain!

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