Tuesday, 17 May 2011

On The Workbench

Just a quick post to show what I'm upto at the moment...
Shipping barrels - these are for the Starport and Necromunda games as scatter cover - I may end up making some kind of pallets to hold four or six of these, rather than having them all over the place. These blue ones have actually been done for a good while now and were probably the first thing completed for the Starport after seeing Ironworker do similar over on his blog. I've been saving bottle tops for the next batch for a while now...

The next batch of the shipping barrels - I picked up some spraypaint at a DIY centre on sale in a few interesting shades - these have now been washed with a mucky watery wash, then drybrushed with Charadon  Granite from the GW Foundation paints range. All that is left is transfers and perhaps some graffiti! I also want to build or buy some shipping containers. Added to the loaded pallets, some fuel drums and some other bits and pieces, that should be enough scatter terrain for my board!


  1. These look great. What bottles are the tops from? is each one two tops stuck together?

  2. Pretty much any type of bottle cap will work Zombie so long as you have two of the same.