Sunday, 20 March 2011

The Red Pox

The Red Pox is the tentative name for the Plague Cult attached to my Renegade Warband. This is the first of two  planned squads of ten - I realise that Papa Nurgle's favoured number is 7, but my preferred number is 10...

These are the last metal Plague Marines produced by Games Workshop, with one of the classic, albeit rather static, earlier metal versions (one of the ones with the flamer). They have arms from a number of different kits, added green stuff and backpacks from the plastic one-pose Plague Marines. I've had these planned for a while and they've been fun to build. Two more will be added soon.
Another unit I've had planned for a good long while now - kitbashed Plaguebearers (or Summoned Daemons). Put together from a bunch of different sources, such as:

  • Kroot warriors
  • Beastmen Gors and Ungors
  • Heresy Miniatures Blight heads
  • GW Zombie arms
  • GW Ghoul arms
  • GW Skeleton arms
  • GW Dryad arms
I've been collecting pieces for these a while - I think I first ordered the Blight heads around about a year ago, so that's how long it's taken to get to this position...

Obviously they'll take a good amount of greenstuffing....


  1. A good bits box and an imagination with touch of patience can bring as seen here great results.

  2. Love the plaguebearer unit. The variety of donors makes for a very cool mix of themes. Nice.