Monday, 21 March 2011

Honoured Brother Marcena of the Shadow Wraith Astartes

Brother Marcena, a renowned Captain of the Shadow Wraiths, was interred into one of the Chapter's prized Dreadnoughts after the Battle for Aquae Garrian. 
During the battle, the Astartes Captain distinguished himself in holding the main sallyport on the island fortress against numerous waves of Archenemy footsoldiers and war-engines. The Captain had been seperated from his company and instead directed the defence of this key objective by unmodified Chapter serfs and gun-servitors. For this triumph he was awarded the Order of the Iron Sun by the people of the planet, which was cast in metals recovered from the battleground and can be found mounted in pride of place on the Dreadnought armour he now dwells inside.

Since leaving the life of a standard Astartes behind and being elevated to the armoured tomb of the Dreadnought, Marcena has been roused to war on numerous occasions, fighting with particular fury against the forces of Chaos. During the Thirteenth Black Crusade, Brother Marcena was honoured by the usually insular Disciples of Caliban, whom he fought alongside upon the soil of a number of planets, including Cadia itself. Their gift to him can be found in the form of the stormshield proudly attached to his left leg.


  1. Good background story, nicely painted model, one of GW's more versatile models, I even use them for my Neo Soviets.

  2. Mighty! Cool background too.