Wednesday, 9 March 2011

The Spoils of Wargaming

Bit of a new "feature" this, in the same way as the new "Conversion Corners" I've posted over the past couple days.

In these posts I'll be basically showing off my latest purchases. Which won't be a great amount at the moment, but here's the first - a bunch of ork bits from eBay. I'd been looking for the kan and dread weapons, but the spares from the nobz boxed set and the arms from the plastic stormboyz were going rather cheap - I liked a lot of the cool bits and pieces from the nobz set and the other arms will either be used with various conversions or donated to a friend.

The dread/kan arms, on the other hand, will be used for some kitbashed/scratchbuilt chaos engines - they'll be used as dreadnoughts in my renegade army - for which I've picked up numerous bits and pieces for over the last few months...


  1. Currently watching two lots of ork bits for my pig iron ferals.

  2. Some lovely bits on the Nobz sprue - I have some possible plans for Gorkamorka - they'll go well on some kitbashed muties!