Tuesday, 22 March 2011

The Company Men

"The Company", as it is referred to in hushed tones, is in fact Grayson-Yolandii, a super-corporation that is said to control numerous solar systems in the charted verse. Known for their advanced computer systems, cybernetic upgrades, humanoid replicants, body transplants and more, Grayson-Yolandii has a very specific way of dealing with those that cross them during business transactions of all kinds.

The businessmen and burghers of the verse know not to cross The Company, having heard the many stories surrounding business deals gone bad, airlocks failing at inopportune moments, settlements having been wiped off habitable rocks - tales of the Grey Men, who speak in clipped machine-code to one another, brandishing weapons of simple appearance that are of a greater power than first supposed. The Grey Men are said to shrug off bullets and deflect melee attacks with practiced ease.

Well, that's what I had in mind for these guys - android or upgraded and genhanced human hitmen. Basically "cleaners" for a corporation, able to take on gangs and crews as a trio, dishing out death and destruction to those who blackmail or cross their parent company.

Some nice miniatures, these - they're from the Corporate Wars range from East Riding Miniatures - basically a cyberpunk-inspired range. I bought them to act as perps for Judge Dredd to take down, but they took a slightly different turn. Not entirely happy with their paintjobs, but there wasn't a massive amount I could do - I do rather like the sculpts of Jim Bowen - they're simple but rather characterful! They'll see use in AE Bounty or in the post-apoc setting.


  1. I like them, dulled down colours so they blend in before its too late to notice them, maybe a camo/chameleon attribute.

  2. Thats really nice work, they feel very CGI, a very modest natural colour pallet, even the basing is great, something I haven't bothered too much with.

  3. Subtle but effective, very nice.

  4. Thanks guys - I do quite like basing miniatures - adds a nice finish. The vast majority of my collection are done in a similar way - scorched brown drybrushed graveyard earth and then a lighter drybrush with added light grey, followed by some "dead grass" static flock. It's really simple and looks rather nice I think!