Wednesday, 23 March 2011

Yo ho, pt. 2

Mad Jack McGovern was a pirate-turned-privateer in the pay of King George II during the Seven Years War. Captured by the French due to the influence of an accursed artefact which was said to have been manufactured by one of the elder gods, McGovern was hanged by neck until dead and strung up in a port town in order to warn those who may follow his lead. The morning following the execution, the old privateer's body was gone, believed to have been laid to rest by his faithful crew.

At the time, rumours abound about the fact that his crew had already set sail lest they face the same fate, how mysterious lights and noises were heard and that a single set of footprints seemed to lead from the gallows to the sea...

Since that fateful year, reports have surfaced of a pirate of gruff demeanor who aids the weary against foes of a mystical nature. Seemingly impervious to harm and wielding a cutlass with noted skill, the pirate disappears once the supernatural foes have been vanquished...

Because who doesn't love a ghost pirate?! Another very grey miniature, this gentleman is from Black Scorpion Miniatures and was picked up to see what the scale was like on these - perfect alongside the majority of Games Workshop stuff. I do like multi-use miniatures - if I ever game I can think of a bunch of uses for this guy - as a scavenger character in my post-apoc stuff, as a ghost/cursed zombie pirate in my fledgling superheroes setting (along the lines of the one in the Starman series), Mordheim, even Necromunda at a push.

Not sure that I'll pick anything else up from the range, but only because I have enough projects on the go - this is a lovely miniature and if it's a good indicator, the whole of the line will be top class.