Saturday, 12 February 2011

New project...

Still very quiet on the modelling front - this week was my second of the new shift pattern at work - in 1pm 'til 9pm each weekday, so room for modelling is limited - sitting down to a late dinner/supper and watching various DVD boxsets is about as much as I've managed!

A couple of other misfortunate circumstances also conspire to dampen my creativity - the main being my lack of proper Internet access - I'm actually blogging from my iPhone! My current financial circumstances absolutely suck too - I'm missing a sizeable chunk of pay from the very beginning of January which the agency I work for have been glacially slow to sort out. These, plus missing my family (I've only moved 30minutes drive from the vast majority of them, but the shift pattern makes it pretty much impossible to just drop in and see them) have left me feeling rather low if I'm honest.

It's not all doom and gloom though, so there's that over with - various things are in motion to fix these issues - number one being that we ordered Be fixed-line broadband on Tuesday night, the router arrived today and it's going to be all connected by the 16th of February! No more using my iPhone and having to borrow my flatmate's dongle (ooh err). I also have a new team manager at work - he seems like he's really going to push me (a very good thing, thinking of the bonus) into work harder and smashing all my boring work-related targets!

On the games front I've recently picked up a few bits and pieces - an interesting Infinity miniature, the Lord Carver character from Hordes, some more Horrorclix and the brand new AE Bounty weapons blister, which I personally love the idea of! I'll be doing some reviews of all of these, so stay tuned!

This is another of my new projects - recently caught my attention in a discount (pound) shop - it really reminds me of Captain Mal Reynolds' pistol from Firefly! A number of my friends are huge Firefly geeks and this will be a perfect gift for a couple of them in particular. I'll be finding some reference photos, adding some weight to the butt, sanding moldlines and repainting.

As if I needed another modelling project!


  1. Sorry to hear things are a little chaotic but hope it sorts itself out soon, like the pistol it does look like his gun from the series.

  2. Hope things settle down a little for you. Modding toy guns can be highly addictive. I started doing Nerf guns last year after seeing a nice paintjob and thinking it would be fun. It is a welcome distraction that uses similar hobby skills, you'll love it. Great gift idea too.