Sunday, 16 January 2011

One Year Later...

The beginning of my new Zombie apocalypse additions - for this group of stuff, it'll be one year into the apocalypse, with various adventurers resisting the zombie plague. I'll be adding some "Specials" eventually - zombies that have reacted differently to the virus than your average zedhead - Left 4 Dead inspired boomers, hunters, spitters, tanks and maybes a couple of Resident Evil-esque Tyrants - military experiments gone haywire...

I already have a few different miniatures painted for this kind of scenario, but decided to branch out a bit. Here are the new zombie hunters, all Hasslefree apart from the not-Alice (Milla Jovovich in Resident Evil 2) at the back, who is from Studio Miniatures. Great sculpts - there's a not-Shaun (from Shaun of the Dead), a not-Nick Frost (from Hot Fuzz), a not-Marv (from Sin City) and the generic hockey stick-wielding lady. All fantastic sculpts that I've been itching to pick up for a while now!
Saw these whilst perusing the Hasslefree site - they're base-toppers from Fenris Games - I thought they'd make great entry points for zombies in some of the games. They're mounted on washers with added sand. 
The new batch of zombies - these are one of the Studio Miniatures sets. very nice, but there were a couple of pesky moldlines that gave me some bother - same as the Hasslefree sculpts in fact. Still turned out nice though! Added to the load of Wargames Factory zombies I have already painted, and a bunch of Horrorclix I have on the way, this should be a decent horde, before I add the "Specials"!

Hopefully some paint will be seen soon!


  1. That's cool, I have some of the Studio Miniatures zombies - great models!

    The drain covers are pretty swell too, nifty idea to use them as entry points!

  2. That is a big ole batch o' zombpocalypse goodness! Looking forward to these progressing!

  3. That is a damn good idea with the fenris bases as entry points, really good idea.

  4. Cheers guys :) Lovely minis these, looking forward to slapping some paint on them!

  5. Superb. I had the same issue with my Studio and Hasslefree minis. I would put it down to the fine sculpts. It makes the mold lines seem bigger and due to the detail, it takes a while to remove them carefully without scrubbing off to much of what should be there. Well worth it though.