Monday, 17 January 2011

Getting there...

On the way to my shelves being cleared - some of this stuff will be going into my parents attic, some on eBay, some to charity shops...

It's going to be nice to have a less cluttered bedroom that's all about the sleeping (and perhaps more athletic's been a while!). For the past few years since I've been living back at my parents (darn busted knee!) my room has pretty much been an apartment in it's own right. It's a large room, with a full-sized fridge and with a kettle, most of my non-working time is spent here. As such, it's usually a bit cluttered with whatever project is going on at the moment - my desk is generally a giant mess, no matter how many times a week it gets sorted out.

In my new apartment I'm not planning on having a desk in my room - I'm going to build a workstation to use on the dinner table or the breakfast bar. Easily cleared away, can go under my bed or into the storage cupboard to keep things presentable. Part of me wanting to have more of a social life, less of a stuck-in-my-room-painting life. This will definitely lead to me gaming more, which is something I've wanted for years! Expect battle reports here eventually!


  1. Great minds think a like, and apparently have the same habits to bust! My desk suffers from the same symptoms every time I start a new project.

  2. Good luck on the move and carving out your own place again, keep us posted. Looking forward to the new place.

    Love that Hellboy figure set up there too!

  3. As Gyro said good luck and look forward to the battle reports.

  4. Cheers guys :) Hopefully moving on Tuesday - I have about a hundred things to do before then!

    Mik - I suck at keeping shiny toys in their packaging - I normally have a bunch of other figures on there (Sin City Marv, a Justice League Unlimited big Batman, a comic-style Hellboy figure) and the Hellboy set is the only one that I've ever managed to keep in the box :)