Monday, 24 January 2011

Moving Tuesday

At least, Tuesday is the plan! The let is agreed (I "squeeee-d" with delight when I went on the webpage of the apartment I'm about to move into and I saw the little green "Let Agreed" icon on every photo...amazing!) and it's just a matter of all the paperwork going through as soon as possible - hopefully today (Monday). I'm just on packing up a few more bits and pieces, sorting out what games stuff I'm going to take to begin with.

Visual proof of progress...
DVDs are gone, more books are gone, the wardrobe has been emptied and painted white, the vast majority of my clothes are bagged in the green super-strength garden waste bags.

At the moment I'm planning on taking:
  • Space Hulk - I have 5 Termies, 10 'stealers and the playing pieces painted - lots more left to do here.
  • The pile of basecoated miniatures - lots of AE Bounty stuff, some post-apoc, some Dark Eldar Wyches. These were all on my desk whilst packing up.
  • A big box of Imperial Guard - all in bits, but I recently had a tidy out and stock take. Basically went through all of my horded Guard/generic human bits and sorted them into various bits trays (well, the kind of plastic freezer boxes you get takeaway in) and I now have it all sorted into torsos, legs, left arm, right arm, weapons, heads, extras. That took a while. I love the Guard and have been hording stuff for this project since the year before the new IG codex was released. There is well over a hundred infantry, 3 Russ and 10 Sentinels. Lots of work.
  • The latest stuff I bought - the zombapoc stuff and a bag of Quar!
Plus the obvious assorted tools and paints.

Plenty to start with I think! The Space Hulk and zombapoc stuff is likely to be used first, so they'll be the priority, with the AE Bounty stuff next up.

I've also just ordered another 2 Kaiser Rushforth figure cases, taking me upto 3 KR and 1 GW. Should be enough (to keep me going anyway) so I can transport most of my collection over!

Bed time I think!