Tuesday, 23 November 2010

Rebuilding the Librarium

This gentleman is my slightly-updated Librarian. This guy was one of my favourite painted miniatures (of all time) - I was super-happy with the force weapon and his skintone. This is a slight update - he kept the studded shoulderpad but got one of the gorgeous new Angelus boltguns from the Blood Angels Sanguinary Guard. It seemed to make sense that when he had a staff to keep both of his hands occupied he'd struggle to use a bolt pistol too. He also got a modified base - the skull is new (an ork one from the Scout Snipers kit) and various bits of the paintjob touched up. 
He's the start of a slight-rebuilding effort with my Marines, of which I have 5 bikes on the table at the moment. They're getting some things done to their bases (which are larger pill-shaped resin bases) which had never had flock on for some reason. When it came to just adding the flock, I decided their paintjobs could do with a bit of sprucing up too - they never really got the "extras" my Shadow Wraiths generally get - the chipped paint, markings and general muckyness - who deserves that kind of stuff more than a bunch of maverick bikers?

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