Tuesday, 30 November 2010

Space Marine Recon Squad

Here's the first three members of my Space Marine Bike Squadron - click any of the pictures for larger versions!
The Sergeant utilising the old metal upgrade kit Sarge. I quite liked the metal upgrade parts, but for some reason whilst assembling the squad I decided the Sergeant needed a haircut...

My favourite member of the squad - that's a Khorne Beserker "bunny helmet" with the ears trimmed off - I think it makes him look rather threatening.
This squad numbers five in total (with another update with the last two members in the near future) - they were originally painted a couple of years ago, but never received any dust on their armour and bikes, any paint chipping or any static flock. I found them whilst sorting through some boxes a few weeks back and they were placed in my "to renovate" pile. Upon further inspection, the material I'd used for basing them was rather jarring when combined with the rest of the army - it had rather large pebbles, like the kind you'd find in an aquarium. 

I ended up using some blunt clippers to remove the offending material, filling any holes left over with my normal sand and gravel and generally sprucing them up before completely repainting the bases, adding flock and doing a hell of a lot of weathering to the bikes and the Marines. To say I'm pleased with the results would be an understatement! These, along with the Librarian, have spurred on a little bit more interest in painting some of my other work-in-progress Marines - the Sternguard I was working on before moving onto other projects in particular. More on those in the future.

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  1. Always liked space marine bikes, nice stuff and renovating too.