Sunday, 21 November 2010

Board Update and Purchases...

So, another week of not-a-massive-amount getting done! I have made a good bit of progress on the gaming board though, which is great, but I've hit a bit of an obstacle - a lack of paint. I meant to get a load yesterday whilst I was out Christmas shopping, but only remembered once I was on the train home. Damnit! I had to basically use the dregs of the large cheap tubes of paint that I had left over. That had been the plan anyway, but it's turned out a bit darker than I'd have liked...
For some reason, the board in the picture looks a lot lighter in the picture than in real life. It's closer to black. I'm aiming for my normal basing basecoat, somewhere near Scorched Brown from the GW line.
As mentioned, I went shopping yesterday, passing a GW... Suddenly, I was exiting the shop with a box of Wyches and the latest edition of White Dwarf. Bugger. To be honest though, I had pre-ordered the Codex, so it wasn't a huge surprise that I found myself buying some. Army-wise I'll be going Hellion-heavy with lots of other cool stuff!
Ordered these misc. items at the start of the week - some 20mm plastic bases for the Ground Zero Games 15mm Aliens I bought a while back so I can base them up for various games, plus a couple of hobby items from Heresy Miniatures - a sculpting tool/clay shaper and some "brown stuff" modelling clay to try out.
Bit of a silly purchase - mostly for nostalgia reasons (I was a massive Jurassic Park fan as a kid - I had a bunch of the toys and loved the movies), but I also like the idea of basing them, taking the moldlines off and using them in some 15mm pulp games. They were rather cheap - £1.99 for the two. Oddly they had a full range of toys (mostly on clearance though). I wonder if there is a new cartoon or something? 
Finally, the other board section, pre-paint. It's also had the basecoat now.

Upon reflection, not such a bad week after all...


  1. The board is coming along, I look forward too seing it done, complete with models and terrain on display!

    What are you going to do paint-wsie for the Dark Eldar? The Hellions kit is nice, I recommend it! :)

  2. Nice update, keep up the good work.