Sunday, 7 November 2010

Flea Market Finds...

My mum brought this in for me last night - it's an aquarium/terrarium ornament - she got it for free off a friend at the market she works at (my mum and dad run a stall at a collectibles/antiques market on a weekend, selling various different things, retro and vintage stuff mainly), who asked if she'd have any use for it... Mum decided that I'd like it, either for my pet turtles or as terrain! Rather cool I think!
Here it is with the beginning of my jungle terrain. It wouldn't have worked for my turtles - they wouldn't have been able to get underneath when it's submerged, as they're too big, and it was a bit vertical for them... I think it was mainly for fish or lizards. It sort of reminds me of the huge tree-city in Avatar, but on a smaller scale. It's very solid, possibly made from ceramics.

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  1. Nice find and will go well with your really nice jungle terrain.