Friday, 5 November 2010

Welcome to the Jungle...

As shown in my previous post, I've been working on some jungle terrain - the first batch, with 5 patches of flora, are finished! Quite a decent turnaround time-wise, considering my current speed of painting and getting projects finished. Take a look!
The above picture shows a selection of my current terrain selection, set up with various miniatures!

 These are lotus seed pods, which I envision are some sort of giant carnivorous alien fungi.

Finally, an example of rule number 1 of terrain building - NEVER THROW ANYTHING AWAY! These are the stalks that I cut from the lotus seed pods in order for them to sit better when I glued them to their bases. Glued with the stalk in the air, they make great tree stumps!

This was a nice simple batch of terrain - with the craters and rocks they'd make for a nice playing area for some small skirmishes. Eventually I aim to have enough to densely pack a 4ft by 4ft playing area, which could be combined with the rest of my terrain when used on a larger area. What does this mean for the post-apoc Starport terrain? Not a thing - they're being built to be compatible!