Sunday, 26 September 2010

Starport Terrain - The Beginning

Picked this guy up on eBay a couple of days ago for £4.99...

Was fairly shocked at the size of him! Lovely "miniature" though - he's a Viper Droid from the Star Wars pre-paints. I trimmed down the rim of his base so it was flat for gluing onto the spare CD I had for him, cleaned off a bunch of moldlines (the main issue with these pre-paints!) and added sand, kitty litter and a broken down washing machine (from Black Cat bases) to the base. He'll be a loading droid in my starport terrain, basically a terrain piece, representing him being set to idle...

Another option would be to have him doing a circuit of the board on various errands, getting caught in the crossfire and blocking line of sight. That's the plan, anyways, if I ever ever ever play!

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