Sunday, 26 September 2010

Smuggler Crew - Work In Progress

This is the first picture of my Smuggler Crew - the idea for these is rather Firefly-ish...

From left to right:
  • A Star Wars pre-paint Ithorian - this gentleworm has been de-moldlined, rebased and has had the flimsy gun barrel replaced with one from a Kroot rifle.
  • "Skunk" from Heresy Miniatures - one of the weaker of the gang, he's the pilot of their shuttle.
  • Rasta Enforcer from Four A Miniatures - Love the heft to this miniature, he's huge! Probably a gene-bulked ex-Army deserter...
  • Captain Nathan from Heresy Miniatures - Had to have this guy. Charismatic leader of the Smugglers...
  • Gha Nachkt, another Star Wars pre-paint - bit of a bumbling fool in combat, but on the crew for his weapon tinkering expertise. He's cleaned up and rebased.
  • Dark Age bounty huntress - the Zoe to the "Captain Nathan".
  • Tophat from Four A - I really do love Jim Bowen's sculpts...
These will probably be supplied with a few more crew members to make up a slightly unskilled "pirate" crew using the AE Bounty rules. Should suit them well. They currently have a little more paint on (but not much).

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  1. That's a nice selection of miscellaneous miniatures, so get painting! :)