Friday, 24 September 2010

Bounty Hunter Crew - Work In Progress

Here's the first work in progress shot of my first force for AE Bounty - a Bounty Hunter crew consisting of two humans and two aliens...

From left to right, they are:
  • Viridian Sergeant from Urban Mammoth - bought this guy on clearance when I ordered the guy next to him. Rather loved the mini, he's rather well tooled up, interesting gasmask and nice body armour. Ex-Special Ops.
  • Sin Eater Observant from the Infinity miniatures game - I loved this miniature when I first saw the previews, my interest had recently been piqued by AE Bounty and I thought he'd make a great Bounty Hunter in the vein of Boba Fett. He's a sniper, the pose is him relocating for his next killshot...
  • A Hurn from Heresy Miniatures - I wanted this for a while, I'd promised to buy my main gaming buddy one for his birthday and decided to pick one up for myself while I was on, along with a couple of other bits. Such is the wargame miniatures hobby (addiction).
  • A Star Wars pre-paint Devaronian - didn't like the head or gun on this guy, so he received a new head from some Tyranid bit and some green stuff and a Pulse Carbine from the Tau plastics replaced his overly bendy rifle. Quite happy with him, the limbs and torso are quite subtle in their difference to a human's so that's quite nice for a little bit of variety...
These are about to get some more paint as I speak - I see them as being very professional, high-spec equipment, hunting down the better bounties. Chose the red as a theme, to differentiate them from the over-abundance of blue-themed gangs and warbands I seem to have...


  1. Great looking start here. Thanks for posting the company info where they came from as well. Let us know how AEB goes, I've got the rules, but I'm doing nothing with them at the moment.

  2. Cheers :) One of my favourite parts is with the makeup of the crews... I get to create some cool combinations of smugglers and aliens!