Monday, 4 October 2010

The Return to Mega-City 1

So, I've once again neglected the miniatures over the past week...
I did actually get a couple of minis finished off (part of the earlier Bounty Hunter crew) but I haven't had time to take some decent pictures of those. I have been rather busy with work, Xbox360 and various other time-consuming activities...
From left to right:
- Tech Judge from Mongoose Publishing - stock figure.
- Heroclix Judge Dredd - New gun and head, shown in an earlier post.
- Psi Judge from Mongoose Publishing - again, no conversion - slightly miscast though, she's missing a chin. Shame. Not something I have the skills to fix really, but she'll probably be fine as she is.
- Med Judge from Mongoose Publishing - stock figure.

I did manage to get the extra three miniatures based and undercoated - they'll be used in either the Judge Dredd ruleset from Mongoose Publishing or as a Justice Department crew using the AE Bounty ruleset. They'd probably be a Bounty Hunter crew (who in the AE Bounty rules get extra points for taking down other crew members alive...).

I've recently bought a few different graphic novels, one of which was The Simping Detective - absolutely fantastic writing and characters, fantastic art - this piece of art accompanying a story in the back of the book has inspired a possible new gang...
I already have two miniatures that I think would work - the guy in the bunny suit and the guy with the top hat from the Wasteland Desperadoes set from Copplestone Castings. The rest would most likely be resculpts with weapons sourced from various different places. I was considering putting in an order at Hasslefree, or maybes picking up some of the Wargames Factory Shock Troopers - the weapons the Simps are carrying remind me of some of the weapons featured in that kit.  
Had a bit of a spring clean the other day and found this Pegasus Hobbies Techno Bridge. I bought it a couple of years ago when starting my terrain, but never got around to starting it - I finished cleaning it up, glued it together and gave it a spray undercoat. I finished the first drybrush last night whilst watching the Star Wars Clone Wars animated series. It'll be getting a few washes and some rust!


  1. Crime blitz!

    A missing chin should be pretty easy to fix with just a small bit of green stuff. No real sculpting skills required, just attach tiny lump and it should already be pretty close to working.

  2. That graphic novel seems interesting, I didn't realise the artist on that was Frazer Irving. :)