Saturday, 7 August 2010

Rogue Judge

Finished the rogue Judge last night:

The idea is that he's either gone rogue and fled to the Cursed Earth or took the long walk, coming to the aid of the various settlements in their time of need...

Heroclix Judge Dredd, stripped and rebased, head from the Pig Iron Kolony Rebels and the new pistol is an amalgamation of a Space Marine Scout bolt pistol and a laspistol barrel. Oh and a replacement shoulderpad from a SM Terminator.


  1. Very nice job.
    The gun particularly caught my eye.
    Pig Iron are a wonderful source of heads.

  2. Nice.

    "there to bring law to the lawless.." :)

  3. Cheers guys :)

    John - I very much like these heads! I originally bought them for a 40k project (a platoon of Savlar Chem Dog Imperial Guard) but got to the Judge before I started those...