Saturday, 7 August 2010

I have a job! Woop!

Well, the clue to the content of this post is right there in the title...

I've been waiting for a phone interview for a position at a call centre for a few weeks now - finally got it yesterday morning (after having one scheduled for 4pm on Thursday cancelled 2minutes before!) - it went swimmingly and I went and signed a contract yesterday afternoon - I start on Monday morning!

The hourly wage is decent, it's 28hours spread over 5 days a week, plenty of opportunity to earn bonus/commission once I'm on my feet there. It's for a mobile phone company, the atmosphere seems very relaxed yet professional - no silly uniform and no requirement to wear a shirt and tie - officially people are supposed to dress "smart-casual" but in truth the only rules are no shorts/sandals. Which suits me to a tee!

What this means for the hobby: Good stuff!

The wage should allow me to expand my current projects - I won't be spending like mad but it'll be great to finally get the planned games board built and some Kaiser Rushforth cases to house my miniature collection. I'll be able to go through and sort out my past miniatures, actually do a real "stock check" with my Space Marines (I'm not sure quite how many Tactical Squads/Devastator Squads I've done for example) and I'll be able to purchase the Rogue Trader RPG and the AE Bounty rules, so I can actually start gaming!

Exciting times! As mentioned earlier in the post, I've been expecting for this call for a while now, and I've been somewhat in a rut whilst waiting around - this has given me a whole new perspective on things!