Sunday, 8 August 2010

WWII Partisans

These are my first exploration of 20mm plastic WWII figures - I bought one set of Partisans whilst at a local flea market (for cheap - £2 or somesuch) as I really liked a lot of the designs (the molotov cocktail thrower, the guy with the plunger detonator) and fancied painting something new...

I assembled them, cleaned off any moldlines, glued them to 1p coins and added sand to the bases, spray primed them and...promptly forgot about them. They went in a box with some bubblewrap, to be discovered last month! When looking over them again I realised that the primer I had used was a bit rubbish and would not likely take acrylic paint, so I had to respray them with another primer.

These were quite fun to paint, quite quick and as mentioned, the minis are full of character!

The set I purchased is from Caesar Miniatures, whose range is rather nice! The next time I ventured to the market I bought a set of German Infantry and a set of German machine gun teams - obviously, I'm going to have to balance it out with some British Commandos (4 of which are in the Partisan set - I'm guessing they're advisors of some sort?) and some more Partisans - I've just noticed Caesar have another interesting set...

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