Tuesday, 27 July 2010

A bunch of raidin' savages!

Wasn't really in the mood for painting a week or two ago, so I decided to do a spot of assembly. I dug out various miniatures I've bought from various places online and got started on these:

First up is the converted Digganob - this guy was originally armed with a kannon (basically a big Orky rifle) and a huge sword, but I'd bought the mini second hand from eBay with the kannon arm missing. I decided that I needed some firepower for my raiders, so converted up a flamethrower from various sources - Catachan arm, lasgun, flamer nozzle from an Inquisitor's henchman, fuel from a Marine flamer.

The left hand was replaced with one from a Warhammer Flagellant and completed the conversion!

This mini was a Digga Yoof - basically the equivalent of a noob or a Juve from Necromunda. The mini came armed with a giant blunderbus and a "dagger" which both came from the orks, meaning they were far too huge for such a slight miniature! He had the blunderbus replaced with a pistol from Heresy Miniatures and the dagger replaced with a plastic Flagellant flail.

This guy is from the Necromunda Goliath range - I've replaced his head with one from the Flagellant sprue (great for the post-apoc stuff!) and removed various symbols that tied him to his original gang. He now reminds me of this random roidhead from when I used to go to the gym!

Another Digga - his pistol wasn't ridiculous, but the sword was a bit chunky. He found a mace - again, from the Flagellants!

A Goliath Juve - lovely little miniature, perfect for this stuff!

Digga with a blunderbus - he was decent as he was, but he got a shortsword/knife in sheath on his back.

The gang currently together! I'll probably round them out with a few more em4 Savages and maybes a couple of ogryn-sized mutants!

Comments most welcome!


  1. Ooh you converted some of the old Diggas? Awesome :)

  2. Yep! A lot of the weapons were just way too big, but with a little chopping and some nice replacements I think they've turned out nice!